Privacy Policy

Policy Statement
We hold all personal information under strict legal and ethical obligations of confidentiality. We will not use or disclose information that is given to us in confidence in a form that might identify a service user without prior consent.

There are a number of important exceptions to this rule which are explained below, but we will in most circumstances involve service users in decisions about use of their personal information.

Service users have a right to expect that our organisation will hold information about them in confidence. Our handling of confidential personal information must:

  • Promote, support and protect the privacy, dignity and rights of our service users.
  • Comply with best practice.
  • Conform with the law.
  • Command the support of service users, staff, and volunteers.

Legal & Professional Basis

All staff have a statutory obligation to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information. The relevant legislation includes the Data Protection Act 1998, Common Law and Employment Law. It is also central to professional codes of conduct. All staff are aware that any breach of confidentiality may be a matter for disciplinary action or provide grounds for complaint.

Keeping Information Safe

  • We will not leave material containing personal data where it can be seen by visitors or service users.
  • Filing cabinets containing personal data will be locked at times when access is not directly supervised.
  • CT2000 (the Community Transport computer booking package) will not be left open when unattended. To gain access to this package personal passwords are required.
  • Offices and desk draws in which confidential information is stored will be locked at times when they are not in use.
  • Under no circumstances will confidential information be sent by Email.

Exceptions to the rule
We will always make every effort to gain consent but Health & Safety has primacy over the right to confidentiality. Exceptional circumstances include:

  • Putting other people at risk.
  • Prevention or reduction of risk to personal or public health.
  • Legal obligations to provide information by court / police or disclosure to appointees.

Privacy Arrangements
There are a number of rooms available for interviews and meetings where confidential information may be discussed.



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